What's it like to work with me?


01 - Directing Style

It's like hanging with your geeky artsy photographer friend (who knows what they're doing)

No posing. I'll give you direction, ask questions, lead you through actions, and get you talking.

At times I'll shrink back and silently document while your sweet little magic happens.

This isn't modeling or acting

It's about fostering the mood that is already present between you.

02 - Before We Shoot

Organization is cool, ok? And I'm super cool.

After you book you'll receive a short online guide. It has tips on timeline, light, setting, clothing, and other visual elements.

If you're booking a wedding or elopement, you'll also receive a shared doc link so we can stay organized together.

See? Super cool.

I offer short and long sessions

The Long one includes more documentary shooting + chill time. the short one is more about taking portraits.

03 - During The Shoot

It's like faciliated, judgement-free, easy AF, quality time together.

I will remind us to be present, whatever that looks like for you.

I won't force it on you. If you're silly or not, shy or not, sentimental or not, X or Y or NOTA.

04 - Documentary

It's like having a fly taking your picture.

On the wall.

But they're a small human.

On the ground.

At the main wedding events I'll shoot mainly documentary style, capturing what's happening and the little moments in-between.

I also shoot directed portraits, as well as the more traditional family & wedding party portraits.

It's supposed to be fun!

I'm just a person and I want you to enjoy this.