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spend the day
enjoying it,
not posing
for photos.
I like to keep things simple. I want you to see yourselves in your photos.

For me it's just about having fun with it. I'm just a human doing something I really enjoy doing. Nothing more to it.


All Races / All Ethnicities / All Gender Identities & Expressions
All Orientations / Introverts / Extroverts / “Normals” / Feelers
Thinkers / Goofy / Weirdos / Serious / Inappropriate / Left-Brained
Right-Brained / Nerdy / Dad-humorous / Sentimental / Brave
Anxious / Physically Affectionate / Not-so-touchy / Creative
Analytical / Confident / Insecure / Adventurous / Loud / Couch Potatoes
Homebodies / Shy Ones / Freaks / Geeks / The extreme / The in-between

As long as you’re kind & open-minded, I’m in.

I’m just a gal who wants to make cool art with you.
Whatever your personality/dynamic, I accept & welcome it.


we'll be great together if...
You want photos of how the day felt
including the quirky and not-so-perfect
you wanna remember feelings, not "stuff"
I do shoot details, but my priority is the mood and the connections
you can't wait to celebrate your love
That's what it's all about. Cheesy, maybe, but true.
you're into my documentary approach
other than portrait time, you'll hardly notice me
and here's some recent work:
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available for destionations
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