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Hey, I’m Katch!

I live a simple life

with my man, in our van.

I’m a rock climber. I was born in Colombia, I love being barefoot outside, I genuinely laugh at dad jokes, and I feel pretty awkward describing myself. I’ve been shooting weddings for 7 years and I freaking love it.


You want photos that reflect how the day felt.

Including the quirky & not-so-perfect

You can't wait, not just for the event, but because you get to marry your person.

It's the love that matters. Cheesy, maybe, but true.

You value interactions and vibes more than material things.

I DO shoot a ton of details, but my priority will always be human connections.

You’re cool with letting your hair blow in the wind and your dress do its thing freely.

No fuss, no fluff

You like the documentary approach.

Other than portrait time, you'll hardly notice me