Jean & Kevin

Its really hard for me to describe a couple using words, but I want to try to describe Jean and Kevin with a story from their wedding: At sunset, Jean, Kevin and I went down to the beach to take some photos. We ran, frolicked, and got our feet wet. A big wave came and swept Jean off her feet and she fell right into it. She got up, soaked, but with HUGE smile on her face. Kevin put his coat around her, they exchanged a few playful looks, and then, with the encouragement of his groomsmen who saw this happen from far away, he fell right into a wave, willingly, soaking himself from head to toe, so that Jean wouldn’t be the only one soaked. He got up, went and kissed her, and we just kept frolicking and running around the beach until dusk. That about sums it up. I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story.

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