Jiin & James

Jiin and James are the sweetest most endearing couple of people I’ve met in a while. They’re getting married in Korea next year, but they wanted to document this time in their lives near their home in San Francisco, in a more private setting, so we decided to do a mini-elopement engagement session. We emailed back and forth for months, planning their day, talking about which hikes would be best, timing, and photography (James is a photographer himself.). We finally met in person, at a little cafe near Sausalito to grab some caffeine and chat before taking off on our hike. Their chemistry was apparent from the start, and I knew that I was in for a real fun evening.

They were total troopers and we laughed to the point of tears through the whole 4 mile hike. Jiin in her dress and heels, James in his suit and tie, and they were up for anything and everything. Rolling around on the grass, going barefoot on the beach, skipping rocks, chasing waves, getting dirty, and climbing cliffs. We hiked through roads, fields and hills and ended on the coast for sunset. We had to hike back in the dark but that didn’t matter, it was the best day!

Jiin and James, I hope your family ceremony in Korea is fun and filled with love, just like our mini elopement/engagement was. I hope our paths cross again soon.

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