Caitlin & Will

I will keep saying it over and over, I am so incredibly grateful to be able to do what I love with incredible people in the most awesome locations. Every couple I get to photograph has an awesome story, and when that story and their wedding takes me all the way to Italy to document their day, it couldn’t be better.

Caitlin and Will got married in an Italian Castello, in the tiny town of Anghiari in Tuscany. Kory and I got to travel to Italy and share a wonderful weekend with Caitlin and Will, and their friends and family. We got to explore this incredible town of Anghiari — a historic walled-in stone town built entirely on a hill top. And their venue — Castello di Sorci, the gorgeous  medieval castle that sits on a hill, surrounded by the beautiful Tuscan fields — was the perfect backdrop. The entire day was filled with an overwhelming sense of love, not just between the two of them but between everybody there. That’s really the only thing I could ask for. Here are a few of my favorite images from the day. A special thanks to my wonderful husband for assisting me on this day.

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Venue: Castello di Sorci / Dress: Anna Maier / Party dress: Lauren  Moffatt / Shoes: Chloe / Groom suit: J. Crew / Catering: Catello di Sorci / Flowers: Lorenza Casacci / DJ: Vox DJ / Cake: Pasticceria Chieli / Flower crown: WaxflowerVintage / Temporary tattoos: Pepperink

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